Benefits of a Pet Water Fountain: 5 Reasons Your Cat Needs One

The benefits of a pet water fountain might sound fancy and like an added luxury for your pet but we are here to tell you there are a lot of nice health benefits for your furry friends. 

1. Hydration: 

Most cats don't drink enough. When your water is cooler and fresher it encourages your cats to drink on a more consistent basis. Cats fed mostly dry kibble need better hydration and a moist internal environment for better digestion and health. This will also help flush daily toxins from your cat's urinary and digestive tracts. 

2. Temperature

Most pet water fountains will keep the water a degree or two cooler than room temperature. This has been shown to be super refreshing for pets.

3. Filtrations

Our fountains come with a small filter built-in for optimal health benefits to your pet. This will help remove the impurities found in tap water. Filters also catch debris and other particles like hair, etc. 

4. Size

Most pet water fountains hold a decent amount of water. This will drastically reduce the amount you need to refill it on a daily basis. 

5. Water Circulation

Stagnate, standing water is a breeding ground for bad bacteria. Circulating the water through can help prevent bacteria and fungus build-up keeping it clean and safe to drink. Most cats really do prefer this method over a plane bowl of water. 

Top 5 Reasons Your Cat Needs a Pet Water Fountain:

1. Hydration:

Like we mentioned above most cats really don't drink enough water. Cats are notoriously picky animals. A fountain will help encourage them to drink more water and stay hydrated especially if they are on a dry kibble diet. 

2. Health Benefits:

Staying hydrated with clean water is the key to preventing digestive and urinary tract issues and diseases in animals. Running cool, filtered water will help prevent kidney stones which can have negative consequences.

3. Standing Water is Unsafe

Stagnate water has been shown to produce harmful bacteria and fungus growth. Believe or not your cats are stealthy and can sense threats like this. 

4. Whisker Stress:

Cats do not like their whiskers touched. We all know this, right? A pet water fountain is designed to not be deep and promotes them drinking from the top and not touching their whiskers to the bowl. 

5. Your Cat Will Love You Even More!

OK, not we are not really 100% sure on this one. :) But we are pretty sure your cat will be happy and healthier drinking clean, cool, filtered water. 

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